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Get A Whole New Look With The Latest Popilush Shapewear

You know you are on the right path to building the best version of yourself when you choose clothes that can represent your self-care, personality and well-being.

It's easy to look fabulous this season with a slimming bodysuit that can enhance your body appearance, add style and a slimmer silhouette in seconds. From chic black to basic nude, there are all kinds of options for this season.

Popilush Shapewear

1. Modal fabric slip-on bodysuit

It's one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your closet. In fact, it becomes a strong candidate to be part of your collection of basics and essentials. Very similar to a strappy tank top, it pairs perfectly with jeans. 

The waist takes on a smooth shape and the butt area takes on a T-shaped structure that doesn't show on clothes and contours the region for a lifting effect.

2. Dress with transparent mesh and refreshing effect

The dresses are always remembered as clothes that become favorable options for women, because they can be used in many events with practicality. The benefits are even better presented through a dress with shapewear so you can enjoy a look that gives your waist a perfect hourglass shape.

The BlueTag series features dresses made with premium quality fabric with a cooling effect that lowers your body temperature, so you can face hot days stress-free. Sun protection blocks your skin from UVA/UVB rays with over 99% efficiency. A maxi version with transparent mesh at the hem gives you an elegant, attractive and very feminine version.

slimming suit

3. Back Cross Training Dress

A dress made to provide greater flexibility to your workouts, can be fuel for playing sports or maintaining a routine at the gym. The curvy design on the back makes your curves even more toned and helps support your chest with ideal support. 

The built-in shorts add functionality to this shapewear, as they allow you to store small objects safely while exercising. The high-waisted structure and the cutout effect in this region make your body appear more elongated and slender.

4. Maxi dress with slim effect

Built-in shapewear bodysuits sculpt your figure without slipping or rolling. It's possible to keep everything in place with a sculpting effect that defines every curve of your body. Butt lifting is performed by the BBL effect. 

Double-layer waist control, adjusts your shape without squeezing or suffocating. You achieve a natural slim effect in just a few seconds.

slim dress

5. Shorts-shaped bodysuit for thigh adjustment

Women who have more prominent thighs should try shapewear bodysuit shorts to achieve a better-fitting shape. It is possible to feel comfortable in your own body through the smoothing effect that the double layer of shapewear mesh can promote. Waist, legs, hips and butt take on a new shape.

Furthermore, the anti-friction system provides the important benefits of protecting the inner part of the thighs, preventing diaper rash or wounds caused by one leg rubbing against the other. The lace detail in the neckline and the deep V shape are additional features that further enhance its beauty.

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