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Always Grateful Everyday

Hari kedua melaksanakan English Comic Project, saya membuat tulisan dalam bahasa Inggris. Sekaligus mengetes kembali kemampuan writing expression saya. Bagaimana mungkin saya menemani Ririn membuat komik berbahasa asing jika saya ibunya, partnernya, tidak biasa menulis dalam bahasa Inggris. Kedepannya kesalahan-kesalahan akan berusaha diminimalisasi. Anak dan ibu sama-sama belajar bahasa Inggris.


Always Grateful Everyday

By: Mia

Being a mom for my four children is an amazing role in my life. Although I've been feeling tired and sometimes overwhelmed since my maid resigned last year. All the home duties I've done by my self without aid from any assistance

My husband has ever lived in the other city until two months lately. Thank God, finally he moved back to our city and we've been living together in one home! Alhamdulillah.

When he was working in Kisaran, he called us by video call. So he couldn't help me directly babysitting our 1y5m baby, Rausyan. Or accompanying our elementary kids, Royyan and Ririn, to do their home work everynight. We just meet on weekend and come together to see our first daughter at her Islamic boarding school in Jamin Ginting Street, Medan.

The heavy rain was gone and now the time for rainbow. I do grateful everytime when I breathe the air in the morning. Can live anymore without long distance marriage like four years ago, make me been thanking so much to Allah SWT. It's shamed if I complain about bad situations which are come to my days. Thank you Allah, I always grateful everyday, always thankful everytime.


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