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My Passion

I wanna be a consistant author. I'm 37 years old and I work for a university as a lecturer.

I live in the downtown with my husband, our children which they're two elementary kids and a baby boy. I like making big dinners for my family.

I've been writing since I was 12. I know a lot of vocabularies and my teacher ever said I've a great writing.

I've written six anthology books. A type of book which is many authors publish their articles there together.

In junior high, I was typewriting an article in my daddy's typewriter, when one day a thief came to my neighbour's house and steal something there. I wrote it as a news.

I should be the productive author because I want to publish my own book seriously. Disseminate my thought to many people not only through social media. But also spread it with the books. I hope I can finish my own book's topics soon.

I do love writing and it's my passion. I'm feeling happy and excited when I describe all of my mind on an article. I really enjoy it.

Source: BrainyQuote

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